If you are planning on purchasing a necklace, you will discover that there is a huge selection of chains to choose from.  Here is a guide that shows different styles of chains that should help you find just the right one for you. It makes a difference in choosing the right style of chain, depending whether or not you have a pendant hanging from it, or you want to just wear the chain by itself. Some chains are bold and can be worn as a statement by themselves, and some are more delicate and would look lovely paired with a pendant dangling from it. Listed below are just a few of the chain styles there is to choose from. This should give you an idea of the most popular chains available, as well as a little bit of information about them.

Bead or Ball Chain- This chain has round beads fixed along the chain, with some distance between each bead or the beads could be strung next to each other, with a tiny space linked in-between.

Box Chain - A box chain is made up of square links square, resembling a box, which are connected. It is a sturdy chain and would look great with a charm or pendant hanging from it.

Cable Chain - A cable chain, also known as link chain, is made up of round or oval links of the same size. It is a very popular and is the style that most people pick for a simple necklace with a pendant, or a charm.

Rolo Chain - No, it’s not named after Rolo chocolate candy… but this chain has round links which are connected together that are durable and come in different sizes, as well as designs.